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Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

Questions and answers about listing your timeshare with Allied Transfers.

To capture market share and get users.

No. We have substantial backing and may monetize in the future. However, for now it's free and we will honor any free tier memberships into the future.

It depends on what you own and how much demand exists for the property. It also depends on how. you price it. Just like any other market - the laws of supply and demand determine the time it takes for something to sell.

You will get all correspondence and inquiries from buyers sent to your email directly or inside the Client Dashboard

You must know the following prior to listing your timeshare → 1. Your resort name and location. 2. If it is a Deeded ownership or Points based timeshare. 3. Your usage perioud and frequency (aka Use Year and Annual or Bi-ennial/EOY) 4. How many Points you own if applicable 5. Your Week & Unit Number if deeded

Not with our standard listing services. However, if you need assistance with this portion you can contact us to get a quote for Allied Transfers to conduct the Closing & Transfer Services.

Just like all other marketplaces (eBay, RedWeek, etc.) you and the buyer must correspond and agree how the transaction will occur.

We can assist you with your listing and will prepare any resort details needed.

This is the number one question we get - it's easy: eBay will charge you $50 a month to list plus take 10% of the sale amount. Also, you have to build your listing (including photos) from scratch.

We verify all of our listings and provide extensive listing resources (pictures, resort details, etc.) for sellers at no additional charge.

We do verify all listings - we will need a current maintenance fee statement showing the legal description and that the timeshare is in good standing.

You can change it as much as you want to. We ask that once you have accepted an offer, that you change the status of your timeshare to "Pending", "Under Contract" or "Sold".

We recommend being reasonable - do your research to see what similar properties are selling for and stay in that range. Please remember - resale timeshares do not sell for what retail timeshares do.

Yes - you may edit the pictures, description and price. In rare cases if you wish to remove your listing, you may do so by selecting "Remove" on the Client Portal.

Theoretically you can, but finding a buyer will be next to impossible.

Yes - your timeshare must remain in good standing throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

Questions and answers about buying your timeshare on Allied Transfers.

We have a ton of resources to research brands, types of timeshare ownerships, different resorts. With a little research, you will find what timeshare makes sense for your travel needs.

All of our listings have resort information provided for your reference. We also recommend checking out the resort website and reviews.

Of course you can! All of our listings are set up to get your questions answered before making a purchase.

It depends on the resort, but expect at least several months for the transfer to be completed. Timeshare companies control the speed at which this process occurs and are usually the bottleneck for the speed of a transaction.

We do not. However, buying responsibly is your best protection from anything going wrong. Most sellers will be happy to use an Escrow Service to handle the payment details.

All timeshare listings are verified at the time of listing. This is a cursory vetting process. It is your responsibility to transact responsibly with the seller. We recommend using an Escrow Service to handle payment for everyone's protection.

Check out our Timeshare Brands guide to get more info for each points system.

Do the research to find which ownership type benefits the way you travel and makes sense for you.

Frequently Asked Questions for Customer Support

Questions and answers about Allied Transfers' Customer Support

While we do offer phone support, the fastest method for speaking with our support team is via email or in-app chat.

If you are having technical issues, please let our team know and we will assist you in getting your timeshare listed on the app.

That depends on which Listing Service you choose. Our most popular Listing Services offer 24/7 Customer Support.

You are welcome to contact us if another user is abusing our Terms of Use. For transactional disputes, we cannot assist either party and must remain neutral.

If you need assistance transferring a timeshare, please reach out to our Team to get a quote. Our core services are for listing your timeshare only and are free.

Yes you can. However, we will not refund the listing fee.

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