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'How-to' Transfer a Timeshare

Learn what happens after you have sold your timeshare.

timeshare transfer fees

Timeshare Transfer Fees Explained

What are timeshare transfer fees?

Timeshare Transfer Fees are fees charged by the timeshare resort or developer to change ownership information from one party to another.

Why do timeshare companies charge transfer fees?

Timeshare companies have a cost to change their internal records that power their reservation system and may even require additional employees or legal assistance to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

The transfer fees charged to resellers cover those costs and are not supported by traditional club dues or maintenance fees.

Are transfer fees the same as the costs at the courthouse to change the deed?

They are completely separate. Timeshare works with a deed or points certificate AND a reservation system. The transfer fees cover the administrative costs to remove a party from the reservation system and add the new owner.

How much will does resort charge for transfer fees?

We recommend contacting your resort directly to find out what their fees are currently. This fee is usually charged per deed/contract at the time of transfer.

What is a Right of First Refusal Fee?

Several timeshare companies have the right to buy your timeshare before letting it enter the resale market. Waiting for their decision can take weeks to months, and often times sellers prefer to bypass this bureaucratic step. Therefore several companies offer you to bypass this portion by paying an extra fee to get the Right of First Refusal process waived.

Can my resort make me pay maintenance fees ahead of time if I sell my timeshare?

Yes. Some timeshare developers charge the next years maintenance fees before agreeing to transfer the timeshare.

Estimated Transfer Fees by Company/Resort:

Capital Vacations - Varies

Daily Management - $250

Diamond - Varies

Hilton - Varies ROFR Waiver $70

Hyatt - Varies

Marriott - ROFR Waiver $95, $25

Soleil Management - Varies + Prepaid Maintenance Fees

Spinnaker $125 + Prepaid Maintenance Fees

Trading Places - Varies

Tricom Management - Varies

Vistana/SVO - Varies

VRI - Varies

Westgate - ROFR Waiver Required + $150

Wyndham/Worldmark $299

These are estimates and in no way are a guarantee of resort transfer fees.

The Transfer Process

You may decide to hire a transfer company/title company to do this portion of the process for you. Other times it may be easy enough to do it yourself (DIY).

Either way, here are a few things to be aware of:

  1. Deeded Timeshares are treated just like other real estate in most jurisdictions. This means recording a new deed in the county courthouse the deed is located. Sometimes counties and states have legal requirements for who may perform this task. Be sure to check before attempting this yourself.
  2. Points Ownerships/Certificates that are not deeded are very easy to transfer and usually just require the seller to file a form with the resort assigning Title to the new owner.
  3. Hiring a Transfer Company that specializes in timeshare may be the best option if you are transferring a deeded ownership. There are many reliable companies that offer this service, including Allied Transfers.